Joe Rogan Experience #1567 - Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chappelle

19. nov.. 2020
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Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on NOworld and most podcast platforms. Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian and actor. Look for Chappelle's Show now streaming on Netflix. @Donnell Rawlings

  • I understand why he got shot in the 1st place..

    aryan saharyan sah5 minutter siden
  • Dave Chappelle ain't takin' no vaccine

    Paul WelbornPaul Welborn7 minutter siden
  • How Joe never heard of Stubb's in Austin? Been around longer than the BBQ sauce

    Peter AgostonPeter Agoston8 minutter siden
  • Let Dave come by himself and we will get the best interview to come. Let D.R. sit in the hallway after he is done with his interview. I'just fast forward to Dave and it was too short😒

    G. G.G. G.9 minutter siden
  • We have full wards of vent patients w Covid in Colorado

    Shirley RoyShirley Roy11 minutter siden
  • Leon Bridges from Fort Worth TX

    Mike PMike P15 minutter siden
  • PSA dave pulls up @ 2hours and 20 mins in ppl

    Frankie LuFrankie Lu17 minutter siden
  • Newsom needs to go seriously there liars .

    Nonya GNonya G17 minutter siden
  • Donell: yo im tryna sell these incents son Me: nah I’m good my G Donell: why u hatin on good smells son

    WillySweet WonkaJoeWillySweet WonkaJoe17 minutter siden
  • Joe is a Trump supporter and a rightwinger who pretends to be a centrist. One of the reasons I stopped listening to this show religiously is that I figured out that Joe is FAKE; Joe left Hollywood, but he still has plenty of Hollywood with him. I'm watching this episode because Dave Chappelle is on and I know he is always real.

    Tempus TurbidusTempus Turbidus19 minutter siden
  • Two economic morons trying to be dumber than the other.

    John CarswellJohn Carswell19 minutter siden
  • I’m not even surprised donnell was security forces hahaha

    FlaminHotChipsFlaminHotChips21 minutt siden
  • Dave pulls numbers wherever he goes. 6 mil in 5 days yo!! 🤯💪🏽💯💯💯

    Frankie LuFrankie Lu22 minutter siden
  • Is Donnell on the spectrum?

    ryan tomryan tom26 minutter siden
  • 1987 Repeal of The Fairness Doctrine = The Birth of Fake News #fakenews #FCC

    Jonathan JP BarthJonathan JP Barth26 minutter siden
  • After all my protesting, facebook posting and cop hating, Donnell Rawlings reminds me that I'm still racist.

    Đeath VaderĐeath Vader30 minutter siden
    • @Đeath Vader Point proven, so much soy.

      Atheist DingoAtheist Dingo17 minutter siden
    • @Atheist Dingo "lOoK aT mAy" "I knOwD dUh iNtErNezt wOrDs"

      Đeath VaderĐeath Vader20 minutter siden
    • I think you are referred to as a "soy boy"

      Atheist DingoAtheist Dingo27 minutter siden
  • You can do a hand recount of the same fraudulent votes and still come up with the same number. If you aren't going to audit the vote then you're wasting your time. To the point of the amount of voter fraud, that also affects the other elections too not just the presidential.

    Brock1Brock131 minutt siden
  • "you trying to switch the thought of a person that's a huge trump fan is a waste of time all you're going to be is frustrated" the exact thing can be said about a democrat.

    Brock1Brock133 minutter siden
  • I must buy the black ash candle

    adramelk44adramelk4433 minutter siden
  • Dave needs to be on this by himself. Donnell ruined it.

    Phil JohnsonPhil Johnson34 minutter siden
  • Never invite Donelle again. That dude is annoying as hell to listen to.

    haigosoundshaigosounds45 minutter siden
  • Niggas on the river by Daniel Tosh.0

    Joe BuczkowskiJoe Buczkowski50 minutter siden
  • Donnell is such an ignorant person, talking about getting shot and asking for respect, dissing on white people, everyone is apparently against him, damn, and he just does it to himself

    Eduardo SantosEduardo Santos52 minutter siden
  • Can I just hang out with you guys for a night. I haven't laughed so long in a minute

    78rotty78rotty55 minutter siden
  • Joe "I like to have this dude scream over legends like Rza and Chappelle" Rogan...

    Tom KatTom Kat57 minutter siden
  • Well my german shepherd is more cute and dumb than a working dog haha.

    Kevin BakkerKevin BakkerTime siden
  • You need to get Slavoj Zizek in the podcast! 🙂

    Ricardo Antonio Guzman LopezRicardo Antonio Guzman LopezTime siden
  • If you came here for Chapelle skip to 2:20 . So brief he should barely have his name in the title

    TaliaTaliaTime siden
  • Not a fan of donnell in this

    tien buitien buiTime siden
  • im not a pot head. i was once. j.r. is to much our elected officials are in power and wana tell me what to do ? come on joe.

    justin casejustin caseTime siden
  • Chappelle comes in at 2:19:25

    divinechimpdivinechimpTime siden
  • Donnell: *pulls out mini piano, starts playing Shimmy Shimmy Ya "Put on some Raw lotion ya Ol' Dirty Bastard"

    Joe CollinsJoe CollinsTime siden
  • You can tell where Dave comes in based on where the little yellow ad bars are on the timeline

    Chad FerrerChad FerrerTime siden
  • three comedian walked in to a spaceship

    all comments matterall comments matterTime siden
  • I want Joe to tell us a hunting trip experience 😁

    Carlos AvalosCarlos AvalosTime siden
  • Man I love Donnell but when Dave and Joe were taking road shows u could tell Donnell seemed totally third wheel

    iPlayPok3riPlayPok3rTime siden
  • "You told us it would be 2 weeks" He sounds like a child who doesn't understand how the world works. "Mom you said we could go to the zoo today" "I did. But all the animals got loose and it's not safe to go" "BUT YOU SAID. . . "

    FLdancer00FLdancer00Time siden
  • LMFAO 🤣😂😆

    Carlos AvalosCarlos AvalosTime siden
  • wow that drone story.... amazing

    D4RealD4RealTime siden
  • Dave asking would you take the vaccine if you think it was safe as he sucks down that cancer stick 🤦🏽‍♂️

    fabian fierrofabian fierroTime siden
  • So Donnell ruins both the RZA and the Chappelle interviews. SMH

    asaimoonsaultasaimoonsaultTime siden
  • Donnell is annoying

    tek1234565789tek1234565789Time siden
  • Donnell is like your homie that’s always asking for a job but you’d never hook up cuz u know embarrass you and burn that bridge 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Dick JonesDick JonesTime siden
  • donnell is the shit new fan here

    justin casejustin caseTime siden
  • "shes an emotional dog, but now that I got her, I'm like an emotional human" Dave "ahhhhhh" 🤣

    ChrisChrisTime siden
  • This is the perfect time to get Manson on.

    Necromasochist69Necromasochist69Time siden
  • Fast Forward 2:21:00 and enjoy

    LuisLuisTime siden
  • Darnell is so annoying to listen to.

    TrAvy_K_MallloTrAvy_K_MallloTime siden
  • 2:23:50 That quote just changed my outlook on my life and I am thankful for it.

    AmbientDisguiseAmbientDisguiseTime siden
  • Good Lord, Joe. This is so disappointing. You have so much more to learn about vaccines. Not one vaccine is responsible for getting rid of any disease, including polio! Start reading up on this. Join ANY autism recovery group and ask parents... that’s the quickest way to find info that you’ll find super interesting. Listen to Del Bigtree. Your mind will quickly be changed. This covid vaccine changes your DNA. It’s fucked up.

    A DickersonA DickersonTime siden
  • This guy is annoying son

    Mike SpytkowskiMike SpytkowskiTime siden
  • 2:19:30 Dave shows up. You can see in Joe’s eyes pure glee, so excited he forgets how to say the word puppy.

    AmbientDisguiseAmbientDisguiseTime siden
  • The covid vaccine will be like any other flu vaccine.. all virtual vaccines are made based on research in the opposite hemisphere.. it’s going to work, get it! Speaking from a covid testing nurse it will be ok!!

    Kelly McGovernKelly McGovernTime siden

    DA ProfessorDA ProfessorTime siden
  • Donnell: I got shot. Joe: Where did this happen? Donnell: YOU DONT BELIEVE ME

    Evan DelisleEvan DelisleTime siden
  • over 3000 yards for 2 miles, Joe. It's a long shot.

    Raphael ProttiRaphael ProttiTime siden
  • Beware of a room full of bald men

    Konner OakesKonner OakesTime siden
  • Any time Donnell does an interview with anyone else. He needs to be accompanied by charlamagne to keep him in check😂

    gerardo mercadogerardo mercadoTime siden
  • I liked it. I actually thought Joe talked too much. I love Donnell Rawlings podcast.

    Collin DaleyCollin DaleyTime siden
  • I couldn't wait for Dave Chappelle I was getting bored with Donnell thinking everyone is after him or his 'looks' my havens... so I skipped forward hahaha Dave!!!

    Nil de SouzaNil de SouzaTime siden
  • Pls help Dave Chappelle by disliking Comedy Central Chappelle Show Videos #boycottdavechappelle

    eliud garzaeliud garzaTime siden
  • "Couldn't imagine why I would shoot a bear that was two miles away." I just had to laugh.

    Stephen MacuchStephen MacuchTime siden
  • 2:19:32 Dave! Also with Darnel I love that someone appreciate the village!!

    G. BenG. Ben2 timer siden
  • Stream Chappelle Show on CBS everyone!!!

    FLdancer00FLdancer002 timer siden
  • That was mylasian air

    mike burchmike burch2 timer siden
  • Too many questions bout the thumb started to approach the snitch line. 😂

    ImPerfectlyTwittaImPerfectlyTwitta2 timer siden
  • Why is donnell there? Gotta run it back with Dave solo.

    DthesunDthesun2 timer siden
  • Holy hell 30 minutes in I had to just skip this Donnell Rawlings dude.

    record keeperrecord keeper2 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan, watching your Darnell podcast as I enjoy watching all your podcast. I have alot of respect for you. Maybe this will help you. Check out "The Epoch Times" unpartisan news. Check out "Crossroads with Joshua Phillips." You're mistating that this election is over and Trump is the loser which is 100% incorrect. These 2 news platforms have no corporate funding. They survive off of our subscriptions. Not only do they provide you with the facts they give the sources. There is a 98% probability that Trump will be re-elected. You cannot trust the normal sources right now. Not even fox news. What I love about you is you try to only state highly informed statements and right now you are very disinformed. Biden is not president elect. The election is not complete and won't be until the Supreme Court rules on the alleged voter fraud which should be December no later than January. Keep up the good work buddy. If it worked out differently and I had the opportunity, you and I would be close friends. Stay healthy

    Dozer2006Dozer20062 timer siden
  • Sacrifice is listening to 2/3 of a podcast with Donnell, knowing you’re eventually going to get 1/3 of Dave Chappelle. Man that Donnell is annoying AF.

    MrJvilleJoeyMrJvilleJoey2 timer siden
  • took DR 10 min to fuck up another guests time on JRE by deciding to eat in the microphone lol

    D4RealD4Real2 timer siden
  • Joe screams like a 13 yr old girl when her friends coMe Over

    Soild SnakeSoild Snake2 timer siden
  • This one sucked.

    Wanker527Wanker5272 timer siden
  • First I'd ever heard of Donnell, had to turn it off. We get it, you're black,

    jrink0jrink02 timer siden
  • joe rogan acts like a small breed puppy is a one in a million occurrence

    D4RealD4Real2 timer siden
  • I’m a native american hunter I took my black friends hunting with me and them dudes were funny asf!! but they didn’t know how to skin a deer so I showed them we ate, good laughs, great time, great dinner with them

    LBCKILLALBCKILLA2 timer siden
  • Just dropping in to say fuck Dave Chappelle. Have a nice day

    Mr. FulciMr. Fulci2 timer siden
  • Great show man. Be awesome to be able to hang out with those guys.

    sherm dogsherm dog2 timer siden
  • Donnell Rawlings - first person in history to even interrupt himself.

    Dey DeyDey Dey2 timer siden
  • You cannot fix a problem with the same mindset that created it.

    Jacob MarshallJacob Marshall2 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan's eyebrow popping up at 2:19:37 is definitely my favorite part of this. He gave that "got em" look.

    Joe CieslikowskiJoe Cieslikowski2 timer siden
  • "I've been working on the formula for 2 years" What's in it? "Fuck knows"

    EXbobEXbob2 timer siden
  • well donnell aint a rat.

    justin casejustin case2 timer siden
  • 3 baldies 😂😂😂

    Jennifer LaFlareJennifer LaFlare2 timer siden
  • Hearing Donnell get excited in the background greeting Dave is arguably the best part of the video XD

    RoAmbrosRoAmbros2 timer siden
  • Once Chappelle came back, it almost leveled the conversation again after talking to Rawling. I believe if Joe and Dave started a comedy club or their own podcast, they'd cover a lot of ground and start something great. I love how deep they both wanted to go but couldn't after Rawlings. Nothing against Rawling but it doesn't match the frequency of this conversation and intellectual subjects.

    DannyDanny2 timer siden
  • Donnell didn't make it to heaven because he interrupt the angel at the gate and enter the wrong gate🔥

  • This were a hard episode to watch.

    Hurly DobbinsHurly Dobbins2 timer siden
  • the three of them are bald

    manny quinteromanny quintero2 timer siden
  • Confident voice: "you disrespectin me Joe." Joe: "I'm just trying to plug your stuff" Self realized weakling voice: "ok thank you"

    Square PlanksSquare Planks2 timer siden
  • i can't wait for the solo joe and dave podcast :3

    Oracle DSPOracle DSP2 timer siden
  • Didnt the last convo with Dave end in talking about getting shot?

    Vaughn CampbellVaughn Campbell2 timer siden
  • Sorry I don't read comments so if you said this to we agree and were on the same team so don't get mad. Like Joe said every election there fraud it depends where and how much. That is the us government go to all overt the world, every other country in world hates us because we put our people in charge. Don't you think if we're doing it all over the world we're might have ours down pat? They will always put who they think they can control the most in. Who is th they that's your call.

    Matthew LirotMatthew Lirot2 timer siden
  • Joe they had drones years ago that were used to save people from drowning, to have a drone light up a few things it’s ok

    One for the AgesOne for the Ages2 timer siden
  • "im not a communist or any of that shit"...👀😑

    Ajdin DracicAjdin Dracic2 timer siden
  • The only time in JRE History that Joe got frustrated with a guest..ha

    Kyle SmithKyle Smith2 timer siden
  • POV: Liking everyone’s comments about Donnell to show how much we didn’t enjoy that part of the interview without saying it.

    Sam WerrellSam Werrell2 timer siden
  • Boycott Chapelle Show! Do it for his rights and pay.

    PC_PlaygroundPC_Playground2 timer siden

    Paul WelbornPaul Welborn2 timer siden
  • That feeling when you think its Dave Chappelle on Jre. And you get the prequel to what we all have to wait for.

    NIFTY 77in27NIFTY 77in272 timer siden